AGM 2013

The Friends of Ripon Cathedral give notice that the 72nd Annual General Meeting of will take place on Saturday, 20th July 2013 at 2.30pm at Thorpe Prebend House, High St Agnesgate, Ripon.


  1.  To receive apologies for absence
  2. To approve and sign the minutes of the 71st AGM held on 11th August 2012
  3. Chairman’s remarks
  4. Secretary’s report
  5. Membership secretary’s report
  6. Theatre visits report
  7. Lectures report
  8. To receive for adoption the Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2012
  9. Election of officers for 2012/13:
    • Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
    • Honorary Secretary
    • Honorary Treasurer
    • Honorary Membership Secretary
  10. Appointment of an independent examiner of the accounts
  11. Any other relevant business

After the meeting, John Sayer will deliver “There let the pealing organ blow…” – a loose history of organs from 1399, ending with an update on the current restoration Ripon Cathedral’s organ.

Please click here to read some late corrections to the Annual Report.